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Kim Kardashian Has Staff Customize Chairs, Clothes To Fit Her Ample Backside

At least, thats what the latest issue of InTouch Weekly claims, writing that, while vocally proud of her ample backside, Kim is actually desperate that she cant slim down . In turn, this means that shes keeping a lot of people in business because, dying to always look perfect for the camera, she has people who tailor all her clothes for her and people who even customize chairs she cant fit into. First, for the funnier bit of the report, which, for the record, has not been confirmed yet. Kim took part in a shoot with Kanye earlier this month and she had people make the seat of a vintage chair more accommodating, because she couldnt fit into it. One of the shots has Kim in a vintage chair, but the production staff had to spend three days custom-building it because her butt wouldnt fit in the original. Everybody was freaking out about it, a spy says for the aforementioned publication. Kim Kim Kardashian sex tep also has a tailor on-call to re-do her outfits to fit and flatter her curves. Because of her body shape, Kim cant simply wear something off the rack or off the runway but, even if she could, she probably wouldnt, because she wants everything to be impossibly tight. She spends hours getting ready and selecting her outfits.
More: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Kim-Kardashian-Has-Staff-Customize-Chairs-Clothes-to-Fit-Her-Ample-Backside-428539.shtml

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